Thursday, 28 June 2012

10th Annual Summer Surf Program for 2012

Surf lessons are available every day Friday, June 30th - August 24th between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Lessons can be cancelled due to extreme weather.  Call the Surf Report Line 227 - 1230 for latest beach conditions.

Register by showing up to Point Michaud Beach during class time.  For more info contact Michelle 227 1230

1 Lesson Package

Ages: 5 + up    Fee: $40 *    Daily: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

4 Person Group Lesson or 4 Individual Lesson Package

Ages: 5 + up    Fee: $120 *   Daily: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adult Surf Club Package

Ages: 20 + up   Fee: $125 *   Every Wednesday and Sunday morning 10:00 - 11:30 am

Kid's Surf Club Package

Ages: 19 and younger (Ages 5 - 10 are to be accompanied by a guardian during lesson)

Fee: $75 *    Every Tuesday & Thursday morning 10:00 - 11:30 am

Female Surf Club Package

Ages: 12 + up   Fee: $125 *   Every Monday and Friday morning 10:00 - 11:30 am

* All Packages include: Instructor, surfboard and wetsuit rental

Instructors Michelle Richards, Carli Boers, Nicole Boudreau, Jessy Lewis and Tristan Martel will teach surfboard familiarity, water safety, etiquette, how to paddle out, read waves, catch and ride the surf. Surf board manoeuvres are introduced as surfing technique progresses.

Wetsuit and Surfboard Rental Fees (when not registered for package):

$15/ hour for both wetsuit and surfboard
$10/ hour for wetsuit only
$10/ hour for surfboard only

This is a Richmond County Recreation Summer Program.

9th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic 2012

Friday August 24th to Saturday August 25th

St. Peters, L'ardoise and Point Michaud Beach

Friday night: Pre registration party

Saturday: Surf Contest and BBQ at Point Michaud Beach
Saturday night: Award ceremony, dinner, live music and dance
Sunday: Fun surf and back up rain day

Divisions Include:

Surf board- Kids, Jr Girls, Jr Boys, Women, Men, Master, Long board, Short board, Open, Tandem and Surf Team Relay

Other- Skim and Body Board, Wind, Kite and Kayak Surf, Stand Up Paddle Board and Team Expression

Registration Fee is $10.

Event Sponsored by SANS, ECBC, DCBA and the Municipality of Richmond

 This is a Richmond County Signature Event

Sunday, 30 October 2011

8th annual Point Michaud Surf Results

Contest Results from the 8th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic
Saturday August 27, 2011

Kid Girl's Surf Board : Cheyenne Counchene
Kid Boy's Surf Board : Riley MacLean

Jr. Girl's Surf Board (under 15 years) :  Sylvie Julien
Jr. Girl's Surf Board (over 16 years) :  Julie Smith

Jr. Boy's Surf Board (11 - 13 years) : 1st place Sam Julien
                                                                 2nd "     Tyler Fortune

Jr. Boy's Surf Board (14 - 15 years) : 1st place Jamie Smith
                                                                 2nd  "      Colin Colson
                                                                 3rd   "      Dustin Martel
                                                                 4th   "      Brandon Romans 
                                                                 5th   "      Derek Garson
                                                                 6th   "      Jack Watson

Jr. Boy's Surf Board (16 - 17 years) : 1st place Tristan Martel
                                                                 2nd   "      Craig Colson
                                                                 3rd   "       Jake Clark
                                                                 4th    "      Gary Peters
                                                                 5th    "      Dylan Abbot
                                                                 6th    "      Chad Bayers

Women's Surf Board (20 - 29 years):  1st place Carli Boers
                                                                  2nd    "     Bridget Turner
                                                                  3rd    "     Terrilyn Boudreau
                                                                  4th     "     Erica MacDonald

Women's Surf Board  (30 - 39 years):  1st place Natasha MacDonald
                                                                    2nd   "      Jackie Beaton

Women's Surf Board (40 - 49 years):  1st place Nancy Taylor
                                                                   2nd   "     Michelle Boudreau

Men's Surf Board (20 - 29 years):  1st place Luke
                                                             2nd   "     Nathan Hill

Men's Surf Board (30 - 39 years):  1st place Richie MacDonald
                                                              2nd  "      Pat Shananhan

Men's Surf Board (40 - 49 years):  1st place Chris Smith
                                                             2nd   "      Kevin Julien
                                                             3rd    "      Darrel Peters
                                                             4th    "       Joel Fortune

Master's Surf Board (over 50 years):  1st place Gerard Taylor
                                                                  2nd   "     Brian McMahon

Open Surf Board (every age and any board):  1st place  Chris Smith
                                                                                2nd    "     Colin Colson
                                                                                3rd     "     Natasha MacDonald
                                                                                4th     "      Tristan Martel
                                                                                5th     "      Jamie Smith
                                                                                6th     "      Luke

Long Board Open:  1st place tie Bridget Turner and Sylvie Julien
                                  2nd   "     Scotty Sherin
                                  3rd    "     Carli Boers
                                  4th    "     tie  Jamie Smith and Brandon Romans
                                  5th    "     Chris Smith

Short Board Open:  1st place Brandon Romans
                                   2nd   "     Sam Julien
                                   3rd   "      Tristan Martel
                                   4th    "      Richie MacDonald
                                   5th    "     Bridget Turner
                                   6th    "     Jamie Smith

Finless Surf Board:  1st place Jamie Smith
                                    2nd  "     Craig Colson
                                    3rd   "     Joel Fortune
                                    4th   "     Cheyenne Counchene
                                    5th   "      Riley MacNeil

Skim Board:  1st place Luke
                        2nd   "     Gary Peters
                        3rd    "     tie Colin and Craig Colson
                        4th    "      Sam Julien
                        5th    "      Jamie Smith
                        6th    "      Chad Bayers

Body Board:  1st place Sylvie Julien
                        2nd   "     Sam Julien
                        3rd   "      Dustin Martel
                        4th    "     Brandon Romans
                        5th    "     Dylan Abbot
                        6th    "    tie Derek Garson and Darrel Peters

Kayak Surf:  1st place Aberhart Witt
                      2nd   "     Sylvie Julien
                      3rd    "     Tristan Martel
                      4th    "      Sam Julien
                      5th    "      Dustin Martel
                      6th    "      Bridget Turner

Surf Board Team Relay:  1st place Team L Trippers - Jamie and Chris Smith, Luke and Jack Watson
             2nd place Team Kannon Beach - Colin and Craig Colson, Bridget Turner and Nathan Hill
             3rd    "      Team Green Bast@!ds - Tristan and Dustin Martel, Dylan Abbot and Richie MacDonald
             4th    "     Team Julien - Kevin, Sam and Sylvie Julien and Steve MacLean
             5th    "     Team Black - Gary Peters, Joey Foote, Jake and Doug
             6th    "     Team Orange - Brandon Romans, Derek Garson, Tyler Fortune, Cheyenne Counchene and                                                                                                Riley MacLean

Body Surf Team Expression Session:

1st place Team Green Bast@!ds - Tristan and Dustin Martel, Dylan Abbot, Richie MacDonald and Darrel Peters
2nd place Team L Trippers - Luke, Jamie and Chris Smith and Jack Watson
3rd place Team Kannon Beach - Nathan Hill, Colin and Craig Colson, Bridget Turner and Chad
4th place Team Orange - Brandon Romans, Derek Garson, Tyler Fortune, Cheyenne Couchene and Riley MacLean.

Top Water Awards

Top Water Girl - Cheyenne Couchene
Top Water Boy - Riley MacLean
Top Water Jr Boy (under 13) - Sam Julien
Top Water Jr. Boy (under 15) - tie Colin Colson, Jamie Smith and Brandon Romans
Top Water Jr. Girl (under 16) - Sylvie Julien
Top Water Jr. Boy (over 16) - tie Craig Colson and Tristan Martel
Top Water Jr. Girls (over 16) - Julie Smith
Top Water Woman (20s) - Carli Boers
Top Water Woman (30s) - Natasha MacDonald
Top Water Woman (40s) - Nancy Taylor
Top Water Man (20s) - Luke
Top Water Man (30s) - Richie MacDonald
Top Water Man (40s) - Chris Smith
Top Water Master (over 50) - Gerard Taylor

Top Water Families - Julien, (Kevin, Sylvie and Sam)
                                      Peters, (Darrel, Gary and Jake)
                                      MacDonald, (Richie and Natasha)
                                      Colsons, (Craig and Colin)
                                      Fortune/Boudreau, (Joel, Tyler and Michelle
                                      Smith, (Chris and Jamie)
                                      Taylor, (Nancy and Gerard)
                                      Martel, (Tristan and Dustin)

Sponsored by:  Billabong, Kustom, Quiksilver, Roxy, West 49, Kannon Beach, IfOnly, Bridget Turner Jewelry, One Life Surf, Rise and Ride, Lokol, Luke's Skimboards, Kayak Cape Breton, Richmond County, Nova Scotia Tourism, Bras D'or Lakes Inn and MacBouch Tavern

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Point Michaud Surf Classic 2011 Schedule of Events

Friday Night Luau (August 26 2011):

6pm to 8pm:  Set up for Volunteers, Musicians, Exhibitors and Artists.

8pm to midnight: Pre Registration Party and Luau.  Surf Expo & Art Show with Live Music by Heartwood Slacks and Black Tooth Grinn, Contests (Best Lei, Hula Hoop, Hawaiian Shirt, Grass Skirt & Limbo) @ Bras d’Or Lakes Inn, St. Peters ($5 per person)  Must be 19 years of age or older after 9 pm.

Saturday (August 27 2011):

8am to 10am:  Set up event for Volunteers.

10am to 4:30pm: Surf Classic Competition @ Point Michaud. Surf Expo, live acoustic music, kids games, and BBQ ($25 per competitor and includes entry fee into all surf divisions, use of equipment, prizes from sponsors, trophies, certificates, BBQ and photos.  FREE for spectators watching)

Divisions include: Surfboard- Open, Kids, Juniors, Men, Women, Masters, Long board, Short board, Team Relay.  Other divisions include- Body and Skim Board, Kayak, Body, Kite and Wind Surf, Stand Up Paddle and Finless.

5pm to 8pm: Award Ceremony Presentations.  Catch a Wave food specials for supper with Live Music by the Den Scholars @ MacBouch, St. Peter’s 

10pm to 1am: Surf Classic Dance with Live Music by My Dog Sam @ MacBouch Tavern, St. Peter’s ($10 per person) Hosted by Village on the Canal Association
Sunday (August 28 2011):
11am to 5pm: Fun Surfing Day @ Point Michaud (or rain date for Surf Classic)